IBLAZON: the story of our name

What should we have called our association?

It was necessary to find a short, likable, catchy name that could lead back to the magic word “Ibla”. However, it also had to be internationally understandable. And it should also have pointed at our primary activity, that is giving tours inside private noble palaces of historical and cultural interest.

The operation didn’t seem easy at all. However, after a few attempts, we found a way … IBLAZON!

So: I blazon / Iblazon = I show what is prominently or vividly beautiful…

Yes, that would be our name!

Of course, we do not mean ostentation, but joy in sharing with visitors the best Ragusa Ibla can offer, with a special reference to the customs of the locals and, in particular, through the perspective of the ruling class of the 19th century, a century full of suggestions.

Let’s Get To Know Each Other

foto dami

Damiano Bracchitta

I always say that I have many, maybe too many interests, and a little time. The love for the past led me to achieve a PhD in archaeology and to become a teacher of Italian Literature and Latin in the high school. But if you imagine me as a bookworm, you are wrong! In my spare time, preferably in late summer or autumn, I like to wander among fields, dry stone walls and old paths in the countryside around Ragusa, on foot or by mountain bike. But there is another essential passion that – alas! – I am often forced to sacrifice: music.

Together with Clorinda in 2014 I first started the “A Porte Aperte” tour and since then I tell everything I know about the city I live in to those who want to learn more about it. I like it so much, and from then on I never stopped.

Languages: Italian and English

Licensed tour guide

Ludovica Ottaviano

People say that in China they are already missing me. But my land has called me back: to keep myself busy, I decided to start a PhD in Science of Interpretation (I’ll explain it later on) at the University of Catania, and enter in the amazing Iblazon team to tell the stories of the places I was born in. I wonder if it is my father’s and all hi tales’ fault…!

My favourite hobby? Travelling and listening to people’s stories. And sharing all these stories. Eventually, this is the only way to keep me smile to life.

Languages: Italian, English and Chinese

Antonio Gurrieri

Antonio Gurrieri

I have spent a lot of time reading books, mostly in French, before getting my doctoral degree and becoming a teacher of French language and culture. However, between one book and another, I try to travel as much as possible, entering the popular traditions of the places. But then I always come back home where smells, flavours and people remind me of how “odd, mixed, iridescent, Sicily is, as in the most hybrid of continents”.

Since 2017 I have been part of the small Iblazon family with which I try to give a unique and exciting experience.

Languages: Italian, French and English

Licensed tour guide

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